Heritage Toronto Awards – Barns-related Nominees

The Heritage Toronto Awards recognize individuals, community organizations, industry professionals and associations for exceptional contributions towards the understanding of Toronto’s history and heritage. In September 2015, Heritage Toronto announced the nominees for the 2015 awards. Among them were two Barns-related contenders: a blog named Back to the Park, and a short publication from the York Pioneer and Historical Society, “Before the Barns: The Edwards Family and their Leather Factory,” by Stephanie Lever.

Back to the Park documents Teresa Casas’ weekly “market square” pop-up exhibits at The Stop’s farmers’ market. The stories explore the history of the St. Clair West neighbourhood as well as other issues of interest to market patrons. As Casas explains on the site, “Through these [posts] I explore with market visitors the stories, places, issues and values that define life in the St.Clair West area.”

In her nominated article, Stephanie Lever explores the history of the leather tannery that occupied part of the site that eventually became the Artscape Wychwood Barns before the TTC used the site as a streetcar maintenance facility, with a focus on the Edwards family and their history in the area in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Congratulations, nominees!